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NZ Made Solid 2 Drawer Base Single

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NZ made solid base, fully assembled. Handy Design if you have a small room and you need more storage - 2 drawers underneath give you room - it's like having a tall boy cupboard under your bed.

This is a very strong base made with nz pine wood, covered in rich high-quality fabric.

Rounded edges to ensure your safety.

Production lead time 7-10 working days after purchase. 


NZ pine made base, comes with 6 legs and 4 screws for fitting a headboard. This is an wooden structure slats base, firm but comfortable and supportive. 6 legs underneath of the base to make it strong and steady.

Strong inner structure made out of NZ pine and processed wood Beautifully finished , covered in rich high quality fabric . Rounded edges to ensure your safety.

2 large drawers on metal runners, are built into the base, so you have plenty of extra storage space.

Dimension for base,
Height: 39cm (with legs, leg is 15cm height)
Width : 91cm
Length : 188cm

Each Drawer Size: (2 drawers on one side)
60 x 54 x 13 cm

Please mention which side you want to build the 2 drawers after purchase.

Please note, if you need base attach to short legs (8cm), please email us after purchase.

Base Color Option -- from top to bottom on fabric swatch
Ciro Grey / Ciro Brown / Ciro Slate / Ciro Black
If you don't mention color choice after purchase, We'll supply available color.
(Fabric color sample as 2nd picture shows.)


5 year back to base manufacturer warranty.

Size Guide

These measurements are NOT garment dimensions but TO FIT body dimensions.


Size Chest (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
S/30 85/33 77/30
M/32 90/35 82/32
L/34 95/37 87/34
XL/36 100/39 92/36
2XL/38 105/41 97/38
3XL/40 110/43 102/40
4XL/42 115/45 107/42
5XL/44 120/47 112/44
6XL/46 125/49 117/46


Size Chest (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
8 68/27 60/24
10 72/28 64/25
12 76/30 68/27
14 80/31 72/28
16 86/34 76/30

Toddler (Boys)

Size Chest (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
2 56/22 54/21
4 60/24 56/22
6 64/25 58/23


Size Bust (cm/in) Waist (cm/in) Hip (cm/in)
XS/8 80/31 61/24 88/35
S/10 85/33 66/26 93/37
M/12 90/35 71/28 98/39
L/14 95/37 76/30 103/41
XL/16 100/39 81/32 108/43


Size Bust (cm/in) Waist (cm/in) Hip (cm/in)
8 68/27 60/24 75/30
10 74/29 62/24 80/31
12 80/31 64/25 85/33
14 86/34 66/26 90/35
16 90/35 70/28 95/37

Toddler (Girls)

Size Bust (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
2 56/22 54/21
4 60/24 56/22
6 64/25 58/23

Solid thick real pinewood slats

The most important thing about the bed frames is the slats. Solid pine wood slats with correct spacing will give the best support for your spring mattress

If the slats are flexible and too thin and flexible - the mattress will deform and even void the warranty. All our fabric bed frames come with 25mm thick strong solid pine wood slats with a gap of no more than 9 cm between each slat. All the double / queen / king frames also come with 2 steel middle support bars - not 1. Our bed frames are built tough, and they last

Height of the base from the floor 

The ideal height for the bed frame is 36 cm from the floor. Most modern mattresses are 25 - 35 cm thick, so if your bed frame is at least 36cm high, this will give you a combined height of 60 cm - 70 cm - perfect for sliding in and out of the bed with out having to crouch. It retains the shape of your mattress and minimises squeaking, creaking, sliding and more. With the right bed frame, you sleep soundly without any disturbance at all. Our frames also come with steel middle support bars with legs - which securely holds the solid pine slats in place and take weights up to 300kg.

Assembly Video