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Sleep is essential. It is an active period where our bodies process, restore and strengthen our immune system for us to regain our best health. Getting quality sleep is not simply about sleeping for longer hours. Often, good sleep is coupled with quality mattresses which gives you correct spinal support. At Sleepcenter Beds, we offer superior beds, mattresses, pillow, and bed bases to give you the sleep you deserve. To guide you in buying, check out these frequently asked questions and our answers:

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What are the products offered at Sleepcenter Beds?

As your leading choice for your sleep needs, we offer a wide range of high-quality products such as Cool Gel 5 Zone pocket sprung mattresses, Bamboo Waterproof mattresses protectors, Gel memory foam pillows, Solid pine slatted bed frames, and Solid pine slatted bed bases in Gold Coast.

What is the difference between a Spring mattress and a rolled up Memory Foam mattress?

A spring mattress has either bonnel or pocket springs and lasts a long time and does not dip after a few months, but its not as plush as a memory foam mattress they sometimes comes with a thion layer of foam called pillowtop / eurotop.

A rolled up memory foam mattress has no springs, it only has a thin layer of top memory foam (about 3 cms) and is glued to a normal high density foam 20 cm - to make them about 23 cms thick, the problem here is the normal foam layer below starts to sag after a few months.
also traditional memory foam, tends to build up heat by trapping your body heat.

Why are Sleepcenter mattresses better ?

At Sleepcenter beds, we use top grade pocket springs which lasts at least 10 years with out dipping, combined with top of the range cool gelmemory foam foam euro top which, moulds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight, while our mattress is a combination of the memory foam technology and a 5 zoned individually pocketed coil system.

This combination brings out the best support and perfect spinal alignment for your sleep. These types of mattresses are called hybrid mattresses and usuallys costs thousands of dollars elsewhere, but at sleepcenter - we bring you these products well under 1000 dollars, through our direct marketing approach, which cuts out all the middlmen, and thus saving you large amounts of money.

Do I need to adjust when sleeping to your mattresses?

Sleeping better is our guarantee. With our beds, you don’t have to feel like you have changed your whole sleeping routine. With our technology, you won’t even notice the switch.

Will I feel hot sleeping in your beds?

Absolutely not! Our Euro-top cool gel memory foam mattress range is designed to maintain a well-balanced temperature for every sleeper. You will never break a sweat again in bed. You’ll feel comfortable and rested with our mattresses. The cooling gel components, 3d breathable side walls & and 5 zone pocket coil construction allow heat and air to flow through the mattress easily.

What are the technical specifications and components of your mattresses?

Our Euro-top cool gel memory foam mattress range mattresses are mostly a memory foam and steel coil construction. It is good to note that our mattresses have a solid edge support system to make it does not collapse under heavy use. Buying Sleepcenter Bed’s mattresses, you’ll get to enjoy Below premium features at the lowest prices availablble in the bed market.


Gel-infused memory foam is one of the best options for reduced temperatures. The gel helps to control the temperature and prevent overheating, unlike traditional memory foam. Memory foam is used in high-end European car seats, and even Emirates 1 st class seats. Memory foam was invented by NASA for space shuttle seats.


A combination of different tension springs with parallel spring coil arrangements, the 5-Zone Pocketed Spring System offers varying degrees of firmness in one mattress. The system is designed around the body's five zones - head, shoulders, waist, hips, and thighs.

What are the benefits of your pocketed coils?

Each coil is expertly engineered from high-quality and durable steel designed to support each of your sleeping position.

Do your mattresses need a base?

Place the mattress on some type of platform to help provide the best support. Whether you choose to use a traditional box spring, an adjustable base, a platform bed, simple wood slats, or even the floor is up to you; all will work just fine!

What are the bed bases and frames you sell?

You can choose from our neoclassic storage designs with a winged high headboard or flat headboard designs or upholstered base with solid pine slats. Our bed bases and frames are the Queenslanders favourite choice. It offers both functionality and aesthetic at unbeatable prices.

Do you also sell memory foam pillows?

Yes, we have a cool gel memory foam contour pillow as well as the classically shaped pillows. The contoured design cradles the head correctly to align the correct sleeping posture. It also comes with a removable pillowcase. You can absolutely customise this since it will fit standard pillowcases.

Where are you located?

Sleepcenter Beds is located at Unit 4/138 Brisbane Rd Labrador Gold Coast, opposite Harbour Town – right next door to Supercheap auto and Harvey Normans clearance center.

How can I order?

You can visit our physical store and check our products as well. If you want to shop online, you can visit our website at We always offer the best and most affordable deals for all your sleep needs.

How many springs in the mattress

Single 40
King single 544
Double 609
Queen 768
NZ king 832
AU king 928
AU super king 1024

How do u make the different types of mattress firm or plush .

For really firm ones - like tight top we do not use any foam topper (euro topper) so you feel the full firmness of the springs ( firmness 8 / 10).

For eurotop (firm) range, we use 7.5 cm of high density poly urethene foam top (firmness 7 / 1).

For all season range (medium firm) we use a mix of medium and high density poly eurethene foams , topped with plush (soft) layer of gel memeory foam on each side (firmness 6 / 10).

For softer and plush - medium firm cool gel range we use 10 cms of soft and medium polyeurethene foams topped with soft cool gel memory foam layer.

For enquiries about our products, send us a message via our contact form or call us at 09 392 9390.